Klandathu Mission Report

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Klandathu Mission Report

Post  z4carlo on Thu Mar 17, 2011 6:44 am

Here is Luthor's completely unbiased mission report as kill team leader.

Mission Report – Return to Klandathu
Kill Team Leader – Crusader Luthor

Primary Objective: Live extraction of mutated Tyranid Xenos, designated Brain Bug, for testing.

In preparation for a dangerous insertion into territory known to contain a myriad of newly evolved subspecies of the tyranid xenos strain I called upon my battle brothers to take an oath of knowledge, vowing to spend all battle preparation in the study of our enemies. To confront the enemy brain bug, believed to be mutated manifestation of the tyranid hive mind, null rods were requisitioned from the armoury. Brother Errata was warned that proximity to such devices would affect the warp in ways he could not conceive and that use of his powers would be risky, valuable information I later found him to have completely disregarded.

Upon landfall kill team proceeded northwards towards sensor readings of primary target. On route team was assaulted by tunnelling xenos, including a previously un-encountered sub species of very high threat level. Brothers Errata and Hakkon were despatched to deal with the lesser threats and close the smaller nid attack tunnels to avoid the team from becoming outnumbered and surrounded. Brother Nathaniel, Brother Aslan and I swiftly despatched the monstrous foe giving no ground to the xenos scum. Brother Nathaniel was gravely wounded during the exchange and required immediate medical aid, his recovery was swift thanks the heroics of his attending physician and in no small part due to the regenerative powers of his implants.

Kill Team proceeded northward, after theorising that the ambush had been attracted by regular rhythmic footsteps, via a new irregular attack pattern. A steep walled ravine was entered and despite constant vigilance the team was attacked suddenly via air assault. Brother Hakkon was taken in the swift and furious fighting, requiring intervention from the kill team to recover him from the xenos nest. Investigation of the nest found evidence of human and possible astartes, of the imperial fists chapter, remains however no gene seeds were found to be recoverable.

The kill team was ordered to scale the 30m ravine walls in order to set an ambush for the approaching xenos target. The Codex Astartes states that an ambush should be used when surprise, firepower superiority and optimal fire positions are available. The team waited in ambush for the optimal strike point until Brother Errata broke his cover early, his tainted mind too over keen to once more have an excuse to commune with the demon infested warp. The kill team recovered well from this set back as Brother Errata’s powers proved useless against our hated psychic foe. With Brother Errata’s mind not able to contain the demons he called upon for personal glory and power the sky was torn asunder and blood began to rain down upon the squad. Not content with this obvious display of his inability to control the warp power coursing through him Errata invited a demon unto his body; its boned features grimacing at the rest of the squad were his face had been seen but a moment before. After I had steeled my squad against the psychic backlash of the brain-bug through strength of faith alone, myself and Brother Hakkon assaulted the creature. Piercing though it’s shielding and fleshy hide with null rods laced with deadlock toxins the monstrous threat was laid low and ready of extraction via modified Valkyrie.

Upon completion of the primary objective I confronted Brother Errata about the blatant undermining of my command and attempted destruction of Kill Team cohesion. A direct order was given that Errata not commune with the warp again while under my command, as he had show his disregard for the teams safety in a effort to gain personal power and glory.

The kill team proceeded to the nearest landing point. Upon arrival the team set up a defensive position while awaiting extraction via Valkyrie transport. The extraction point was quickly surrounded by a multitude of xenos foes. I prepared my team to defend our position and began to coordinate the firepower efforts of the squad. In direct violation of my orders, upon first contact with the enemy Brother Errata mind once more foolishly entered the warp calling upon demons in a quest to gain personal glory, selling his soul for the low price of a single enemy xenos. Once more the sky tore under the pressure as Errata drew upon more demonic power than his weak mind could handle, the excess spilling out in the form of a torrent of blood falling from the heavens.

Extraction was achieved with no loss of personal however Brother Nathaniel was pained by the loss of his servo skull. Its programming a rudimentary consciousness not quick enough to avoid a flame burst from a large xenos.

A successful mission with all requested objectives achieved, despite the counterproductive and dangerous efforts of Brother Errata. As kill team apothecary it is my sacred duty to oversee and scrutinise our most precious of gifts for purity. I therefore request a gene sample from all members of the kill team for testing. New gene samples are to taken and tested against old samples as dictated upon encountering a new xenos threat such as that upon Klandathu. I humbly submit my time to the extraction of these samples and the subsequent search for any possible mutation.

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Re: Klandathu Mission Report

Post  Dan on Thu Mar 17, 2011 8:48 pm

well that seemed a very objective account by Brother Luther.

raining blood eh, good times.


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