What character are you playing?

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What character are you playing?

Post  z4carlo on Wed Feb 02, 2011 6:45 am

So what character is everyone playing?

Mine is a Black Templar Apothecary

Real rough background is;
puritanical, realy hates psykers and heretics (including librarians)
dislikes ultramarines especially those who idolise guilliman who he views as a coward! (sorry john... Razz )
veteran of the second purging of lastrati crusade (found it in 4E black templar codex)

will add more later Very Happy

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Re: What character are you playing?

Post  R.I.K on Wed Feb 02, 2011 7:42 am

Dark Angel Devastator Marine, I'll think up a name later, probably with help from a translator.
I was thinking of Aslan. Lol.

Rough background history will be written in full later, using inspiration from either the Lion and the Wolf or Encountered a Fallen premade pasts in the core rulebook.
Personal demeanour is Taciturn from the example demeanour chart in the core rulebook. He is dark, cynical, brooding, secretive and reserved, stubborn and proud, similarly hot blooded and easy to fall for insults. He is always in search for rivalry and will not back down from a fight.
He loathes Xenos and Heretics alike, untrusting to very few other than his fellow Astartes Battle Brothers; this includes humans and abhumans alike. Only the words of his Battle Brothers can sway his opinion, the words of humans are noted but usually never accepted, for example the Imperial Guard. Any word from an abhuman usually rings with disgust in his ear and will always be ignored.
His allegiance lies only in his Chapter, Primarch, the Emperor and fellow Battle Brothers.

When I can get my literate cap on I’ll write out an entire Bio.

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Re: What character are you playing?

Post  Dan on Mon Feb 21, 2011 11:28 pm

Thought I'd reply, even though we've all met each others characters.

Brother Memnon is an 'Scythes of the Emperor' tactical maine, who survived the Second Tyranid war & the destruction of his homeworld Sotha, by infultraiting a Tyranid bioship in orbit.

Together with a handful of marines, he survived from 3 years, conducting hit & run attacks on the nervous system & defense mechinisms of the bioship. These heroic actions led to the ships eventual death. A salvage squad of Scythes eventually found & re-patriated Memnon with the remainder of his chapter aboard their remaining battle barge 'The Heart of Sotha'

Memnon can often be found honing his bolter skills in the armoury, where he works toward fanatical perfection with his holy weapon. He is a dark character & quite removed from the teachings of Gulliman, having survived so long in the bioship, he often used tactics & approachs outside of the revered codex. Despite this difference, he still honours his herritage & will defend Gullimans name in the face of naysayers (*cough cough Carlo)

Dude to the trials he has gone though, Memnon is often removed from the hardships of others, especially non Astartes. This gives him a cold edge & almost cut throat nature. He knows that to fall behind is to die & therefore always strives to be the best. He doesn't have empathy with those who do not share this approach.


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Re: What character are you playing?

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