New Deathwatch Book

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New Deathwatch Book

Post  z4carlo on Mon Jun 13, 2011 12:18 am

After much trolling of tinternet i have managed to find a real pdf copy of the new deathwatch - mark of the xenos book.

Mark of the Xenos is a DW equivalent of the Creatures Anthema from the dark heresy series, if you havent seen creatures anthema then is just a collection of loadz of different enemies to fight, statline skills and all that stuff. Sounds boring but its actually the best one ive read, has lots of enemies youve never even heard of and all thier background ect, gives you lots of great ideas. Maybe we can find sumthing mark of the xenos that we finally cant kill!

Have real pdfs for all the DW books now other than rites of battle, if you wana get them off me (or some Rogue Trader/ Dark Heresy) then bring a USB stick ill make sure i have em all on my netbook today.

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